Oct 14

What Are the Pros And Cons Of The TV Licence In Britain

In Britain, any household either watching or recording live television transmissions is required to pay an annual fee so as to be granted a TV licence. Since 1 April 2010, the annual fee has been £145.50 for colour TV and £49.00 for black and white TV. The basic motive of charging the fee is financing online, radio and television services of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This fee enables BBC to deliver vital press services and pay staff. The fee also comes with cons such as increasing the cost of living.

Of course, apart from the above pros and pros of the licence fee, there are others. Here is a list of some of the most accepted pros and cons.

Pros of the licence

The greatest advantage of the TV licence is it creates a pull of funds for financing the operations of the BBC. Many official reports indicate that the fee makes the corporation considerably productive. According to Davies Committee 2000 and Ofcom Report 2001, a vast majority of owners of digital television equipment and payers of the fee hold that using the licensing model enables the corporation to deliver quality and enhances access to information.

Though people have different opinions on the subject, it is true that the BBC delivers better quality content than its commercial competitors because they do not they do not aim at profit making. Moreover, the licence enables minorities as well to get quality information since the licence is simply required when watching or recording live TV while it is being broadcasted. This means any person can watch a quality programme that was previously recorded for free.

Cons of the licence

The main con of the license is that it is uneconomical. The annual rates are high and should be reduced to cater for the poor more significantly.

Lastly, the TV licence criminalises poor people. A majority of poor people often find themselves in court corridors defending themselves for evading paying the fee. Whenever they are prosecuted successfully, they pay hefty fines. The law allows a fine of up to £1,000 making the licence a legal challenge.

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