Aug 14

TV In The UK

British Television in the United Kingdom is diverse and covers a large range of programmes, documentaries and news shows. British television can be watched all over the world and many people all over the world are aware of the BBC. The BBC is funded by British people who pay for their TV License, if you do not have this you will be fined (there are a few exceptions). Aswell as BBC One and BBC Two, there are three other main channels which are not exclusive to digital television, they are ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

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The channels which are non BBC show adverts and this is how they are funded. British Television has some of the most memorable shows to its name, classics like Only Fools And Horses the likes of which are loved the world over and newer family entertainement British Shows like The X Factor. One of the newer ways of catching up with some of the British Shows is via the internet.

All of the main channels now have ways for viewers catching up with programmes they may have missed by simply logging on to their homepage and watching them via live streaming. The UK is known for its soaps which are broadcast most days in the week and repeated on the weekends. Soaps like Coronation Street and Eastenders are firm favourites in many homes and compete for viewing figures on a weekly basis. Recently the United Kingdom switched to digital, this means most homes in the UK now have digital television of some form, wether it be a freeview box or cable television. All channels strive to keep programme making up to date and interesting to ensure that people in the UK, and the world, can get to watch the best of British Television in their homes.

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