May 27

The Power of an Independent Streaming News Channel Run by Citizen Journalists

The UK advantages of an independent streaming news channel run by citizen journalists are numerous. The concept itself is relatively new. It became possibly through numerous technological advances, the most powerful of which is the Internet. It allows even the most common person to contribute relevant news to the world. There are both powerful advantages and dangerous disadvantages to giving untrained people a voice and a public forum through an independent streaming news channel run by citizen journalists.

The Internet is the biggest source of independent journalism that has ever existed. It once started with basic blogs or online diaries. It has grown into a full blown and concentrated effort. Due to the lack of editors, this has allowed an unprecedented amount of opinion. Comments are mixed with the news. While this allows for a greater number of viewpoints, it can also taint the news itself. Many might mix their comments with the facts, which can lead to misinformation.

Anyone with an Internet camera can join an independent this news channel run by citizen journalists. A number of newspapers and television stations around the world have even begun dedicated some of their time and space to citizen journalists. Recently, most footage related to significant events comes from citizen journalists. They are frequently the first people on site, ready to take pictures. Large news outlets encourage this behavior, asking lay people to send in whatever videos they can. Some even ask for write-ups.

An independent streaming news channel run by journalists would be powerful. They allow media organizations around the world instant access to media and footage on site. The power of an independent streaming news channel run by citizen journalists is almost immeasurable. Many people will trust independent news sources simply because they are not affected by an outside or political agenda. Even people who are wary of citizen journalists can find value in it. They can compare information they get from independent channels and official media outlets and decide for themselves what is going on in the world.

An independent streaming news channel run by citizen journalists are beneficial to people because they can bring up news faster than most if not all media outlets. They do not have nearly the same amount of bureaucracy in the way. There is next to no red tape because they are smaller than traditional media outlets. This makes them an excellent source of up-to-date and often accurate news. They have no reason to hide anything, which means that whatever news they show is complete, with nothing taken out due to a political agenda.

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