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Jul 1

Ground Report TV- The Streaming Reality News Channel

In an effort to end the long line of television that has more spin than truth a new television station has been launched known as GroundReport TV. The station is a streaming news channel. The main focus of this news is to give people an alternative news station that has no allegiance to a mainstream […]

Jun 30

Reality TV-Ground Report TV News

With all kinds of news and television shows flooding the market place long gone are the days of only the three basic station and public television. Today there are literally hundreds too choose from now it’s not the three plus one syndrome, we are beyond the days of NBC, CBS and ABC and Public Television. […]

Jun 11

Ground Report TV is an independent streaming news channel

People love receiving their news in a timely fashion. People also love to get their news from credible sources. Ever since the beginning of journalism people have always been afraid that they are being lied to. Many journalists are truthful to their profession and present factual information. Others stretch the truth and give false information. […]

May 27

The Power of an Independent Streaming News Channel Run by Citizen Journalists

The UK advantages of an independent streaming news channel run by citizen journalists are numerous. The concept itself is relatively new. It became possibly through numerous technological advances, the most powerful of which is the Internet. It allows even the most common person to contribute relevant news to the world. There are both powerful advantages […]