Jun 30

Reality TV-Ground Report TV News

With all kinds of news and television shows flooding the market place long gone are the days of only the three basic station and public television. Today there are literally hundreds too choose from now it’s not the three plus one syndrome, we are beyond the days of NBC, CBS and ABC and Public Television. In what seems like jus a few short years we as Americans and people from all around the world have found a new way to communicate, watch a show, get the news and become a journalist. Just like Ground Report TV.

The gold standard of Walter Cronkite seems to have been lost, the gain however has been the quantity of news from around the globe that is at the fingertips of everyone with a computer, a radio, a television or a cell phone with web access.

The recent wedding of Prince William to Kate Middletown was watched by almost a third of the world. To realize that a third of the world can do anything together for a few hours via today’s technology is amazing to say the least. Just ten years ago that would have been a tougher task to say the least. So today beyond even the streaming news from CNN and Fox News there are viable up the hour daily news streaming television from so many sources and from so many people.

That is what Ground Report TV is, a streaming news channel for people and by people around the globe for stories as they happen. No there is no Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, Barbara Walters or Bryant Gumble, but there is a series of new everyday people who are just telling it like it is as it happens. Ground Report TV is live on the ground coverage of everyday news and extraordinary news.

Ground Report TV is geared especially for what some would call reality news television. In a literal groundbreaking ideology Ground Report TV has given the journalist microphone to everyday people who are on the scene and around the corner from news stories as they happen. The advantage to this type of news is it is an unbiased view without muscling from a network to spin a story a certain way. It often gives viewers access to information that could not find anywhere else.This gives viewers some very real news and some very real stories. It can be a bit refreshing to know it’s being given at least in principle with Walter Cronkite’s theme—“And that’s the way it is this———day of 2011.”

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