Jul 1

Ground Report TV- The Streaming Reality News Channel

In an effort to end the long line of television that has more spin than truth a new television station has been launched known as GroundReport TV. The station is a streaming news channel. The main focus of this news is to give people an alternative news station that has no allegiance to a mainstream media outlet.

Often main stream networks circumvent stories that the world has a right to know. The national streaming news channel of CNN may give the public half a story. This has been a more noticeable problem in recent years where network bias seems to be prevalent.

Ground Report TV is the streaming news channel that gives the whole story all the time. Typically if a story doesn’t fit the ideology of a main stream network, then the story probably won’t get covered. Not so with GroundReport TV.

Previously the news was an important voice for American’s from the conception of this country. Over time in American history “Freedom of Speech” became a battleground issue. Government censure gave way to now what one might call media censorship.

So the concept was born to give the news very few others will tell. That is where we find GroundReport TV streaming news channel. This news is a streaming source that offers a groundbreaking venue for the truth and firsthand accounts to be brought together in one place. Stories on Ground Report TV can be by anonymous whistleblowers or with identifying source journalists. It is the news by citizens at the scene or on the investigation.

Like other type of blogs and whistleblower outlets GroundReport TV is a streaming news channel that acts as a source for the public to know firsthand accounts of all types of news streaming 24/7. With low overhead and no censorship the news that comes out can be very candid raw coverage. Without the polish of high tech news stations it streams firsthand accounts with vivid detail and accuracy.

Reality news has arrived, and for people who want to get involved they can become a reporter and a local journalist for their area covering live events of national significance. Similar to what some stations call inews or iaccounts people get stories on some national networks or local networks this way. The difference with GroundReport TV and the other stations is that all of their news consist of ireports everyday.

For the general public GroundReport TV is like getting this kind of news that the old reporters used to hunt for. This news consists of refreshing and unbiased truths that can often be diluted and watered down in the mainstream media today. Some of these news stories are ones the mainstream media won’t even discuss, that’s what GroundReport TV offers, the truth 24/7 reality news TV.

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